Not from facial expression a red

extremely learn and fight in 1.Spring another part, cold Anne feels a way heat flow Man and whole body, very comfortable, the feeling of the ache slightly reduces, hence slowly open a pair of eyes, mumbling to oneself:"Did I die?, Senior ……"Left aloes wood light tone way:"Cold Anne is teacher, you just came to, don,t talk and closed the eyes for a rest first."Cold Anne this just discovers oneself to lie on a female pupil bosom, once the in the mind concuss, can not help lifting an eye to hope to go upward, sees eyebrow thin like smoke, the eye is like autumn waters, the skin white gets fed up with to win snow, is exactly the fragrant son that before be flirted.Left aloes wood is detecting cold Anne is conjecturing himself/herself, not from lower the head to hang eyebrow, tiny tiny a smile.Cold Anne sees fragrant son tiny tiny on smiling, as if the empty valley You orchid, begonia beginning open, not from whole body an earthquake, bomb in the brain however a , Xuan ground in the sky turns, the thirsty tongue is dry.Cun way:"Grandmother of, how do beautiful female kids all like my senior, I isn,t handsome and natural and unrestrained?"Thought of that oneself lay on girl is sub- bosom for a long time again, not from facial expression a red, but remain a concentrate to see forward on every occasion.Accounting is matchless although is also a sword teacher to greatly become a period, its interest isn,t here, in the self-discipline, as long as be not accounted Sen by the grandpa to punish, can pass then.After arriving the territory of sword teacher, was also a Shu at the self-discipline, therefore inside the dint fly Yu to compare with term, far far not enough.30 then feel hard up for cash after recruiting, is poorer than to reply.Account matchless see hurt mutually already now, continue intensive fighting under go to to F disadvantageous, rise an idea.Be allowed christian louboutin shoes on sale to fly a Yu opportunity to hold tight for the effort in this penny absolute being, lance anti- Liao, a sword spirit laceration accounts matchless arm.Immediately the blood Gu Gu direct current.Account matchless stretch hand to press down better arm, retreat 3, hate a track:"The surname allows of, calculate you are malicious, harm the enemy of my arm today, I stick down, and the some other day definitely comes to beg for again to teach."Say and stumble disease to rush but go to."Good!……Ah"cold Anne see the term fly Yu to win, greatly quick in the heart, can not help loudly drinking

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cold Anne obviously be not white the dress youth is opponent, have already had a few scars on the arm and before the chest.At this time portable lance also drive white dress the youth shake to fly and have to the left Shan Be right to hide, distress not already.The white dress youth sees cold Anne thus distress, in the heart greatly quick, flick palm folding fan, launch one and other relentless of aggression.Still don,t forget a derision way in:"Is small miscellaneous kind of, let you break the good matter of this childe, dare feeling that coy little beauty was your to fond of each other, otherwise you how can for the sake of her, don,t even want lives?Trust, tonight this childe is great after leading, will be intact have no returning of Sun to yours, as for you."The white dress youth is while speaking tone is abrupt however a cold, " have no opportunity to bear beauty is boon."Folding fan forward on passing, the offensive greatly changes, cold Anne is held up by opponent spiritual influence, the body is free from a control again, as shed leaves drive white dress the youth jilted to go out and burst, hit flank of big stone up, the obfuscation doesn,t come to."Accounting is matchless, stop!"Allow to fly Yu to just see an innocent dress youth at this time is who, see cold Anne is in danger, loudly drink a way while ascending.Account matchless stop attackstoning cold Anne, slowly once turned round to go, see term is flying Yu be since then resisting sword, not from say with smile:"Is you, how, little younger brother Shi, do you also want to bother the good matter of christian louboutin shoes on sale senior?"Hurtle left aloes wood Hey again once the Hey smile, "little younger sister Shi, you how came back again, is a not willing to give up senior I?"Left aloes wood ashamed and resentful air one Shan namely die and keep mouth shut not to answer.Allow to fly Yu to see cold Anne to get hurt, obfuscation not come to, the left aloes wood is again flirted, embarrassed helpless, the Rao is his accomplishment again high, also not is emitted three Zhangs by the fire, the chest is several desire explosions, cold way:"Accounting is matchless, the time in daytime I once warned you, here is a sky, Long Pai isn,t a sky, arrows door, you not only contuse my Long Pai is pupil in the sky, but also flirt me to send female pupil, don,t order precept for you today, you still really think that my Long Pai in the sky is getting more unmanned."Account matchless tiny raise head, the facial expression is very a despise, Mi eye way:"How?Do you want to begin with me?"Allow to fly Yu to slowly fall in to fly sword, the left aloes wood descended to fly sword and directly ran toward cold Anne to, squatted down a body, looked into cold Anne is condition of the injury, arrive before the chest, cold Anne transports true spirit.Allow to fly the Yu hand Qing lance, the true current of air turns whole body, a blue sword annoys to come out from the sword point, Yang eyebrow way:"Please advise!"Say, green brighten Chi, sword spirit clip relentless, to account matchless take everything away.Account matchless the manner seeing the term flying Yu is fierce, don,t dare as well the gist, fiercely retreat several steps, the right hand folding fan gathers together, a soil yellow shadow presents to open.Two each exhibition of people

Does cold Anne promote to the territory of sword teacher

what?"Allow to fly Yu quickly openings to ask a way."Allow ……allow senior, cold senior heel arrows door in the sky in Anne is person beats, you see quickly.Cold Anne is senior wants to suffer a los."Left aloes wood get excited way.Allow to fly Yu to see thin sweat of left aloes wood to sprinkle Li, the Jiao breathes heavily not only.Listen to this talk, directly presents lance and sinks a track:"Come up, where?Taking me is past."The left aloes wood quickly ascended to fly sword and allowed to fly Yu spirit operation really, the Teng gets empty christian louboutin shoes on sale but rises and winks a disappearance to disappear.Left aloes wood in flying sword break continuously and continuously the affair has been related to understand:Cent while originally and just taking a meal, the left aloes wood received guest a hall to understand frost to take guest to take a meal and run into white dress pupil in the arrows door of a day and worry oneself to chatter without stopping at square dragon in sky.The left aloes wood occupies in the body, the nature doesn,t very not need to be seen to him, but white the dress pupil is the slightest inattentive, unexpectedly pull her hand not to loosen to open, soft whet hard tie up.Cold Anne at the right moment passes by here at this time and sees the white dress youth being flirting joss-stick son, exploding with rage, going up to hurtle white dress youth to lambaste 1.The white dress youth smells speech great anger, will decisive battle with cold Anne, does cold Anne promote to the territory of sword teacher, is also an in the mind to become itchy, but due to family rules in the teacher door:Have no teacher door to allow, prohibit with don,t send pupil to exchange blows.Invite white dress youth go to empress the mountain decisive battle.White dress youth is seeing to come to hand a good matter be broken by cold Anne, angry in the heart, then want to infect by tainted air heart all of the fire vent in being cold and finding shelter, hence 2 people an ex- an empress backward the mountain walk.The left aloes wood sees both parties all advise not to listen to, backward the mountain walks to, be worried that cold Anne suffers a los, fly Long Yuan at once report and Xiao friendship.Hoping the Xiao friendship to appear publicly dissolves this matter, don,t think square dragon is this end for sky just ran in to allow to fly Yu.Allow to fly Yu to listen to left aloes wood to finish saying, in the heart already understand probably, again don,t talk, really annoy abrupt however promote, backward mountain electricity Chi but go.2 people just arrived behind mountain, see spring a side 2 people is exchanging blows,

The pupil inside the door feared its power and influence and let in everywhere it three cent

Sen, was also a front the middle age accounted a strong son, the position was highly respectable matchless, always is all crazy Ao violent in action and said a not two, the pupil inside the door feared its power and influence and let in everywhere it three cent, rare give offense to.Today just come to a sky, dragon sends ate a soup of closed door, naturally the most uncomfortable in the heart.Not from hate of stared to allow to fly Yu one eye.Is public all is walking faster, so all these, only allow to fly Yu and account matchless know.The talked is public to arrive at for a sky, square dragon, the path goes straight toward a big palace of the right side of Long Yuan in sky, the Xiao friendship accompanies to account strong get into to receive guest hall, early have pupil to offer up the first-class tea and drinks, the public cent guest and host falls and drinks a tea conversation.Cent in noon, change from fly Long Yuan another pupil Xiao frost entertainment account strong 3 people, the Xiao friendship arranges guest room, in order to many pupils in arrows door in the sky Anne live in the evening.Xiao frost got to account strong three ginseng viewses in the afternoon dragon in the sky send six university hospital, in brief introduced the circumstance of each college.After accounting strong three ginseng college of viewses, Xiao frost sees 3 people air weariness and wants to is an all the way requiring attention weariness from overwork, the strain worries and then gets 3 people to return to guest room rest.The gift done obeisance according to the Jie, arrows door in the sky is public to need just quasi-ly to pay a courtesy call on Zhang the second day of door, so account strong after once having supper, instructing a bottom pupil don,t ask for is living not, return to guest room, close door self-discipline.But those youth is pupil, seldom come to a sky, Long Shan Yi is time, disposition plus a youth to move so much, is led by Long Pai is pupil in sky, loiter about everywhere.The supper is still invited by Xiao frost.Take a meal time in the evening, allow to fly Yu to thought of that oneself also louboutin shoes makes the whole distanceses accompany, in brief tidy up for a while, to receive guest hall to walk.Square dragon for sky just, see the panic nervous piece of left aloes wood run in the past, the step was in great disorder.Volume 2 dark Huang woodland chapter 12 one Nu pull out sword(beg to collect)"H,m, joss-stick son, so nervous do


Korean Studies tolerant

Last because of his negligence led to Marlee fell into a brain concussion, Zhang sister felt so sad, secretly cried many times. Korean Studies, if not comfort her, it is entirely an accident, I hope she can stay and continue to take care of Ma Li, Zhang Sister so simple and honest simplicity in any case will not forgive myself. Korean Studies tolerant, Sister Chang and very moved, she said that the future will take care of Marlee is heart.Sister, him?Da she said Tuesday: I just always come to Korea, and see you fall asleep, to go out, that is to market to buy a large bone in the evening to drink your soup.Marlee heart, not to mention more beautiful. Although the disease for a very long time, but Marlee did not lose consciousness.

Wu Yuan said

Of course, I will as soon as possible propose marriage, the sooner the better. Xue Han a, Wu Yuan said makes sense, By now, the only thing the case.Then we hurry, hurry up register now! Wu Yuan said, next Monday, will you?Han Xue gently looked Wuyuan, nodded his head.Clear and crisp, cloudless blue sky. Sunshine through the window, lazily covered room. Marlee woke up very late, would not in bed together. She knows that this school will come when South Korea and went to her bedside, affectionately, said: Get up bar, lazy child. Oh, lazy child, a terrible ah, loss of his absurd.Today, however, the room silent. Marlee shouted: Zhang Sister, Sister ... ...Zhang care Marlee Sister is in the kitchen doing breakfast, she heard shouting Marlee, came out quickly.

Happiness is only a step away

Shame she was a person, could lead to her parents, or even the whole enterprise group, along with the entire family into disrepute.Two people silent. Wu Yuan Xue Han pulled to his side, her head on his shoulder. He felt her gently weep, like a poor little rabbit injured, lost in a fog in the right direction.Wuyuan solution desperately thinking, happiness is only a step away, how perfect cross this hurdle, Han Xue parents to obtain approval, it is urgent, top priority.Cher, I have an idea. Wuyuan suddenly emerge an idea, You see so good?What way?Your father just said, young man, he can not interfere. If we really love, he would not object. Cher, we register it!Registered? Han Xue did not think Wuyuan think this way.Yes ah! We registered to be protected by law. No one has the right to make irresponsible remarks, as do wedding, wedding drink, that is the procedure of civil marriage, can be early to late.